Recommended Reading – Position Papers


In only a few weeks over 350 participants from many different sectors, backgrounds, and stages in their career will meet to discuss a Nexus Approach to sustainable resource management. To help us all enter into this important conversation from a similar starting point, we have compiled a list of recommended reading.

In these six position papers, thought leaders share their opinions and findings on different dimensions of our conference topic: SDGs and the Nexus Approach – Monitoring and Implementation.

  • Holger Hoff, Integrated SDG Implementation – How a Vertical (Cross-Scale and Cross-Regional) Nexus Approach Can Complement Horizontal (Cross-Sectoral) Integration
  • Ilje Pikaar, Silvio Matassa, Korneel Rabaey, Bronwyn Laycock, Nico Boon, Willy Verstraete, The Urgent Need to Re-Engineer Nitrogen-Efficient Food Production for the Planet
  • Alex Smajgl, Participatory Processes and Integrated Modelling Supporting Nexus Implementations
  • Junko Mochizuki, Piotr Magnuszewski and Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer, Games for Aiding Stakeholder Deliberation on Nexus Policy Issues
  • Mathew Kurian, Kent E. Portney, Gerhard Rappold, Bryce Hannibal, Solomon H. Gebrechorkos, Governance of Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A Social Network Analysis Approach
  • Stefan Bringezu, Key Strategies to Achieve the SDGs and Consequences for Monitoring Resource Use

These papers are a service provided to conference participants only. Papers are in pre-print draft status and are not meant for dissemination, citation, or replication. They will be published after DNC2017.

Participants can access them by logging into their accounts on the Conference Platform.