Security at the Conference

**Due to the large number of DNC participants as well as Museum visitors, we strongly recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before conference begins to ensure you are in the plenary hall by 9 am.**

Before entering the premises all participants are required to go through a security check. You will need to show your Personal identification cards (ID) on the ground floor of the museum.
Following the ID check, participants must go through metal detectors located at the entrance. Please note that all bags and suitcases will be searched. Thus participants should not bring any large luggage or bags to the venue. This procedure will take place every morning and will be repeated after lunch breaks as well. We will distribute your badges at the check-in desk. You are kindly requested to have your badge visible at all times.

Please Remember:

  • Carry personal ID with you at all times!
  • Keep your badge visible
  • Arrive early enough to go through security