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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Quarry site visit in Hoa Binh Province

MAREX Workshop
Aggregates mining – Managing the impacts on environment and regional development

Convenor: Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER)
Location:Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development, Dresden (IOER) (15-minute walk from Deutsches Hygiene Museum)
Time: 10:00-15:00
Information and Registration:

One important aspect of urbanization, the extraction of aggregates (sand, gavel, and stone) for building activities, is addressed in the joint German-Vietnamese project MAREX. Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam, the project is dealing with the extraction and processing of aggregates, and also reflecting improvements in the related fields of transport, construction, and recycling of construction and demolition waste. The capital region of Hanoi and Hoa Binh province serve as a comprehensive model for the application within and outside of Vietnam. As a side-event of the Dresden Nexus Conference 2017, the workshop provides the precious opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas with the MAREX team and to discuss challenging questions of aggregates mining for urban growth, environmental reclamation, and post-mining perspectives.

Participants of the 69th UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB International Short Course on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SC69)

40 years of the UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB Course Programme – postgraduate training towards more sustainable development

Convenor: Center for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management
Location: Festsaal of Technische Universität Dresden (Dülfersaal), Dülferstraße 2, 01069 Dresden
Time: 16:00-18:00
Information and Registration:

The Center for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management is celebrating 40 years of the UNEP/UNESCO/BMUB Course Programme for Developing and Emerging countries at TU Dresden. So far, more than 2200 experts from 139 countries have engaged in interdisciplinary postgraduate training, covering many aspects that are at the heart of sustainable development.

CIPSEM is looking forward to celebrating with current and former participants, contributors, staff members, and all who feel connected to the programme. This Side-Event of the Dresden Nexus Conference will also address the role of education for achieving the sustainable development goals, with plenty of opportunity for informal exchange between all guests. Admission is by invitation only. For expressing interest and for questions, please contact the course secretariat.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Nexus Observatory Meets the Nexus Resource Platform: Launch Event on UNU-FLORES and GIZ Collaboration

Convenor: UNU-FLORES and GIZ
Location: Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Small Auditorium
Time: 16:00–16:30
Information: Nexus Observatory Launch Event in Conference Planner

The Nexus Observatory is an important initiative of UNU-FLORES that seeks to bring scientific analysis to bear on pressing challenges decision makers face with regard to the environment and development. The GIZ Nexus Resources Platform showcases the latest news, publications, and trends on the Nexus Approach. GIZ and UNU-FLORES recognizing the complementarities between these two Platforms. In collaboration, they are developing a prototype of the Nexus Observatory and exploring further synergies that could emerge from greater integration of both platforms.

At Dresden Nexus Conference 2017, participants will have the opportunity to attend a launch event that will report on the initial results emerging from the computing effort that is currently underway to build synergies between the UNU-FLORES Nexus Observatory and GIZ Nexus Resources Platform.

Welcome Reception

Location: Dresden City Hall, Ballroom
Time: 18:30–20:30

More information to follow soon.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Book Launch: Multifunctional Land-Use Systems for Managing the Nexus of Environmental Resources

Convenor: UNU-FLORES and Springer
Location: Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Small Auditorium
Time: 10:00–10:30 (Coffee Break)

Guest Speaker: Luca Montanarella, European Commission – Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Scientific Action Leader

Gaming Session: Water-Energy Nexus Game

Convener: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Time: 18:30

In an interactive and fun format, the Water-Energy Nexus Game gives participants a unique opportunity to get insight into managing the water needs of energy production/generation and improve water management to reduce water systems vulnerability. The Game gives players a strategic overview of the interconnections between water and energy supply and consumption.

Please find the flyer here.

Panel Discussion:
Sustainability Assessment for the Water-Soil-Waste Nexus

Convenor: PRISMA Centre for Sustainability Assessment and Policy
Location: Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden, Lecture Hall
Time: 18:00-19:30
Information: Here

Limited resources and planetary boundaries call for a circular economy. The focus on the nexus between different resources such as water, soil and waste with their societal use uncovers the degree of resource cycles and environmental protection. Optimisation of this nexus requires sustainability assessment to make environmental, economic and social issues as well as intergenerational and global justice transparent.
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provide a general normative reference for sustainability evaluation. Operationalisation of these goals remains a major scientific task particularly for a comprehensive and consistent assessment of resource cycles and use. Hence, there is the question of how far advanced sustainability assessment for the water-soil-waste nexus could support transparency and trigger transformation towards sustainable development. The side event, organized as a panel discussion, provides a unique forum in this respect bringing together the views of international institutions, scientists, producers and consumers during an outstanding international conference, the DNC 2017.