How to record your presentation using Zoom


  1. Finalise PPTX slides (if needed) and familiarize with Zoom screen sharing option
  2. Prepare the text of your oral presentation
  3. Use computer with audio input options (webcam is not necessary but recommended)

STEP 1: Start Zoom meeting

STEP 2: Start recording - press „Record“ button

IF NECESSARY: Share screen

- Press „share screen“ icon (green box).
- Select document you would like to share.
- Confirm your selection.
- The selected document is now visible and will be recorded.
- Start your presentation / start presenting.

Please remember to start the video to appear in the right-hand corner of the recording
(see image below)

STEP 3: Recording files

End the Zoom meeting by clicking the red “end meeting” text
Zoom automatically saves recorded files in various formats (an MP4 file will automatically be converted)
This might take time and create a rather large file.
The file will be automatically saved at in the C drive - C:\Users\...\Documents\zoom


 Send your mp4 file via to  (best by 17 May 2020)