Special sessions

Learning through Serious Games – Play and learn about water-energy-food-land and climate nexus interactions!

Experience playing Serious Games at this session. Seize the opportunity to reflect on the nexus concept and increase the potential for learning uptake on sustainable resource management issues through this interactive manner.

Please find a summary of this session with further details and links in a blog post here.

Towards a Nexus Knowledge Agenda

This session identifies knowledge gaps with a view to strengthen decision-making in nexus implementation. Three projects funded under the Horizon 2020 will present their perspective on the emerging knowledge gaps. Join the interactive session to share your thoughts on how the nexus concept could better align with major policy initiatives – for example, in advancing a circular economy, climate action, or nature-based solutions.

Increase rigour & relevance - using 21st century science communication means!

Co-hosted by UNU-FLORES, The Engagement Company, Factor X – Studies in Sustainable Resource Development, and the German Federal Environment Agency, this session aims at scoping knowledge contribution concepts and tools for the next open access book on the nexus agenda: “Reducing the Use of Resources: From Labelling to International Resource Protection Treaties”.

Increase rigour and relevance

Important Dates 
3 - 5 Jun 2020 Virtual DNC2020
15 Oct 2019  Closing of Call for abstracts 
15 May 2020 Opening of Registration for virtual DNC2020
22 May 2020 (extended) Closing of poster files submitting
03 June 2020 Submitting questions for Q&A


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