Below you can find a table with all eDNC sessions, scheduled dates (status 20-05-2020) and session conveners.

You can access a list of all accepted abstracts in the corresponding session (status: after review January 2020) when following the session links.

Bold font in table = accepted + confirmed presentations in the Session

Sessions Scheduled Convener
Session 1 Wed, 3rd June, 13.30-15.30 Kai Schwaerzel, Bruno Gerard, Mangi Lal Jat, Santiago Lopez Ridaura
Session 3 Wed, 3rd June, 10.00-12.00 Serena Caucci, Peter Krebs, Tran Viet Nga
Session 4 Wed, 3rd June, 15.30-17.00 Manfred Curbach, Elke Pahl-Weber
Session 5 Thu, 4th June, 14.00-15.30 Regine Ortlepp, Julienne Roux, Nidhi Nagabhatla
Session 6 Thu, 4th June, 11.00-12.30 Martina Artmann, Sonia Akter, Cristian Ioja
Session 7 Thu, 4th June, 09.30-11.00 Georg Schiller, Stefan Bringezu
Session 8 Thu, 4th June, 14.00-15.30 Artem Korzhenevych, Henning Wilts
Session 9 Wed, 3rd June, 13.30-15.30 Edeltraud Guenther, Peter Saling, Hiro Kitada
Session 10 Wed, 3rd June, 10.00-12.00 Christina Dornack, Martin Faulstich
Session 13 Thu, 4th June, 09.30-12.30 Jochen Schanze, Ortwin Renn
Session 14 Thu, 4th June, 15.30-17.30 Dominik Moest, Jochen Schanze, Sasha Koo-Oshima
Session 15-I Fri, 5th June, 09.30-11:15 Serena Caucci
Session 15-II Fri, 5th June, 09.30-11:15 Floor Brouwer
Session 16 Thu, 4th June, 15.30-17.00 Jude Ndzifon Kimengsi, Markus Egermann



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Technische Universität Dresden
Leibnitz Institut für Ökologische Raumentwicklung