Steps to participate at eDNC2020

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1.     Find your eDNC2020 programme features
2.     Register for eDNC2020
3.     Participate 
3.a.  Prepare before the conference (Zoom)
3.b   Get access to the conference features via Zoom links
3.c   Mind during the conference
4.     Zoom
5.     How to get access to the participant list (Info)


DNC2020 website will show the Zoom links to access the specific Conference features by 2 June 2020. The links will be visible only for DNC registered participants!

Registered DNC2020 participants, please:
- login, see head menu bar  "login" 
- input your DNC2020 Username and Password, 
- click "Programme" (head menu bar), and
- find the feature Zoom links via "Daily programme"

The Dresden Nexus Conference (DNC) series is dedicated to advancing a Nexus Approach to natural resource management. DNC is organised by the United Nations University (UNU-FLORES), the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden), and the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER).


eDNC2020 taking place in a virtual format proudly presents:

Important Dates 
3 - 5 Jun 2020 Virtual DNC2020
15 Oct 2019  Closing of Call for abstracts 
15 May 2020 Opening of Registration for virtual DNC2020
22 May 2020 (extended) Closing of poster files submitting
03 June 2020 Submitting questions for Q&A


United Nations University UNU-FLORES


Technische Universität Dresden
Leibnitz Institut für Ökologische Raumentwicklung